Moais At Rano Raraku
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Rapa Nui In Seven Pictures

Rapa Nui – or the Easter Island is a volcanic island about 3500 km from Chile’s mainland in the Pacific Ocean. There is only one town on the island and about 6000 people live there. The island is mostly known for its monumental stone figures called the Moais. These are monolithic human figures carved by the Rapa Nui people between the years 1250 and 1500 and placed all across the island – if you want to know more have a look here. The Nationalpark Rapa Nui is since 1995 listed as UNESCO world heritage site.

You can visit the Easter Island year round – normally you will combine your visit with some other spots in South America, best with Chile since the only normal flight will go from Santiago de Chile to the island. The temperatures are between 15 to about 27 °C with the warmest months between January and March and the coolest between June and September. More important is the average perception which is around 70 – 150 mm with the peak between April and May.  We were there three days – which is enough since the island isn’t really big – in March and the weather was perfect.

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