Valley of fire, Near Crazy Hill
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Seven best Valley Of Fire pictures

The Valley Of Fire is the oldest State Park in Nevada. The Valley Of Fire State Park located just about 80 km from Las Vegas and is a fascinating park which contains brilliant formations of eroded sandstones and sand dunes that are more than 150 millions years old. The stones shine from the typical red of the sandstones around the Colorado Plateau to yellow, white and even pink and is pretty impressive.

So far we visited the valley already three times. On our first visit back in 2008 we went there in September during the middle of the day. Due to the high temperatures over 40 °C and few shadow we didn’t stay long, but knew we would come back soon.  The next visit dates back to October 2012 – a couple of minutes before our arrival a thunderstorm passed through – as a result some of the streets were flooded and we saw plenty of ice. Last time in 2013 we spent a whole day wandering through the various rock formations – since it was in the end of October the temperatures were perfect and we could take our time.

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